Xsl Transformation Instruction

Are you tired of troubleshooting xsl? Does it take forever to edit, deploy and see the results? Developers and designers rejoice! Free xsl IDE. Enjoy.

Xsl transformations are not for the faint of heart. The learning curve is steep, even though there is plenty of documentation and community around it. The language is strict already plus you have to deal with which version and subset of features is supported by your platform.

However, I believe that the hardest obstacle is the lack of a user friendly IDE. After all, most of us code monkeys learn by trial and error.

After serveral many months without it I was confronted once again to a style sheet. This time, however it would be different… The Instruction Framework has reached a level of maturity where I feel comfortable using it as development platform. So without further ado, here goes the XSL Transformation Instruction.

Xsl Transformation InstructionXsl Transformation Instruction

The two panels let you edit the XML and XSL directly on the IDE. Once your are happy with your changes, just hit the green button on the ribbon

The panels can be reorganized, and can popup of the app for multi monitor users delight.

The result, as usual is shown in the 'Result' tab, and if your tranformation fails, due to invalid syntax or other, the error message will be displayed in the 'Log' tab. Output

So, there it is, very simple. With a few clicks you can compile and run an xsl transformation.

I'm currently working on adding support for XsltArgumentLists, so an update will follow shortly.

Drop me a line and tell me what you think of it. Until the next time.

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