Building Blocks

Search Web Service

Url: http://WebUrl/sitefinity/public/services/search.asmx

Query String sample

Parameters object sample

Preferences Web Service

Save user related preferences in their profile

Url: http://WebUrl/sitefinity/public/services/prefernces.asmx

Authentication Service

Login internal users

Url: http://WebUrl/sitefinity/public/services/authenticationservice.asmx


Manages partial-page updates of server UpdatePanel controls in the browser, and defines properties, events, and methods that can be used to customize a Web page by using client script.


Login Control

Implemented as a user control: Hawaii\HILLEL\HILLEL\Controls\SFLoginStatus.ascx


Anonymous View

Links to Login & Register dialogs

Login Dialog

Authenticated View

Links to Profile & Logout

Registration Dialog

Login Dialog

login dialog

Registration Dialog

Registration Dialog

Login Driver

Javascript object that coordinates: Login/Registration & Update Panels


Under Construction

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